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    KONO Concerts

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    KONO 101.1 On-Air Giveaways 04-21-14

    Listen for your chance to win your share of thousands in KONO cash, Evita The Musical Tickets, Schlitterbahn tickets and more! Find out what you can win this week, just for listening to the station playing San Antonio's Greatest Hits...KONO 101.1.

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    Listen to KONO 101.1, weekday mornings from 5:30am to 10:00am with Dave E. Rios! He'll help you start your day with a smile and your favorite songs from the KONO Hit List!

    Plus, learn how to keep more money in your pocket with Dave Rios' Money Saving Tips.

    Brought to you by the station playing San Antonio's Greatest Hits...KONO 101.1!

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    10 ways to save, spend money betterStick to a budget, use cash, pay off debt, local expert says.

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