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Listen to KONO 101.1 every Sunday from 6am to 7am to hear the KONO Public Affairs shows. Get more information out about community issues, charity events, financial advice, and so much more. Brought to you by the station that cares about our community...KONO 101.1.

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  • 5-24-2015 South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

    Your blood is needed! Carmen Davila with the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center and Krystal Sanchez, a longtime blood donor who ended up needing a transfusion earlier this year, encourage everyone to make a lifesaving donation of blood or platelets

  • 5-24-15 RAIN: A Natural and Cultural History

    Environmental journalist Cynthia Barnett talks why she wrote RAIN: A Natural and Cultural History. She talks about rain, the misconceptions we have and how the scarcity of it is causing changes in cities around the world.

  • 5-17-15 Women's Business Enterprise Alliance

    Women's Business Enterprise Alliance President April Day invites women-owned businesses in South Texas to the WBEA Expo in Houston May 27 & 28. She explains the benefits of becoming certified as a WBE, and other benefits of joining the WBEA.

  • 5-17-15 Wounded Warrior & Veteran Hiring and Support Conference

    U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col Rick Riley, Commander of the Wounded Warrior Detachment at SAMMC gives details of the Department of the Navy Wounded Warrior & Veteran Hiring and Support Conference at the Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade May 19 and 20

  • 5-10-15 Natalie Holland: Scarred but Smarter

    Natalie Holland tells her story of battling cancer and what she discovered while searching for a possible cause. What she found out could save lives, so she put it all in a book: Scarred but Smarter: A Cancer Memoir and Get Healthy Manifesto.

  • 5-3-15 Soba Recovery Center

    Actor Daniel Baldwin joins Alex Draghici and Greg Hannley of Soba Recovery Center to discuss the epidemic of substance addiction and the way Soba works to help people break the addiction and get back to being a productive member of society

  • 5-03-15 National Travel and Tourism Week

    San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director Cassandra Matej talks about San Antonio being a top tourist destination and how tourism makes a huge impact on the local economy

  • 4-26-15 ISA and the Sarah Roberts French Home

    Meet Josh Duelm, who teaches Global Leadership at the International School of the Americas, and graduating senior Ariel Trevino and hear how the students at ISA are contributing to the community.

  • 4-26-15 Swimming Saves Lives - Rob Butcher

    Rob Butcher, Executive Director of the U.S. Masters Swimming and the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation talks about learn to swim programs for adults. He says it is never too late to learn to swim and knowing how to swim could save your life.


    Rey Feo Jon Gary Herrera stops by to talk about Fiesta and his message of encouraging young people to go to, and graduate from, college. He talks about the scholarship program that he and other Rey Feos have raised millions of dollars for.

  • 4-12-15 Texas Organ Sharing Alliance National Donate Life Month

    Clarissa Thompson of TOSA, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance talks about the critical need for organs. Kevin Floyd shares the story of his 15-year-old son Cooper and his precious gifts to people waiting for a second chance at life.

  • 4-12-15 San Antonio Conservation Society NIOSA and Conservation

    San Antonio Conservation Society President Sue Ann Pemberton invites everyone to Night in Old San Antonio and she talks about the SACS programs that work to preserve the historic and unique elements of the San Antonio area.

  • 4-5-15 South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Blood Drive

    Roger Ruiz of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center invites the community to a blood drive this week. Lisa Ugarte talks about her family's experience when son Jon was diagnosed with leukemia and needed donations

  • 3-29-15 San Antonio Walk Against Genocide April 12

    Susan Smylie invites everyone to the 4th annual San Antonio Walk Against Genocide April 12. Tina Karagulian and Haig Panoyan tell the stories of their families, what they endured during the Armenian genocide a century ago.

  • 3-22-15 American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure

    Jose Macias of the American Diabetes Association's Tour De Cure invites you to join the fun at the annual Tour De Cure to raise money to fight diabetes. Dr. Lyssa Ochoa, a vascular surgeon, talks about avoiding complications of the disease

  • 3-22-15 The Will Smith Foundation

    Susan Moulton tells about the Will Smith Foundation's mission of helping children. Tony Jones of Maui's Zenshin Daiko tells about the children's drum group and we hear from two of the drummers, Lainey and Sarah

  • 3-15-15 San Antonio Furniture Bank

    Beth Webster Wright, founder and executive director of the San Antonio Furniture Bank talks about giving furniture away to people in need. She's asking for donations of furniture and money to help San Antonians who lack furniture.

  • 3-15-15 Impact San Antonio and Blueprint Ministries

    Donna Harrison of Impact San Antonio talks about making an impact on San Antonio with $100,000 grants. DeeDee Sedgwick of Blueprint Ministries talks about how volunteers are helping repair inner-city homes.

  • 3-1-15 Texas Veterans' Benefits Fair

    Jim Mickler from the Texas Veterans Land Board talks about the March 7 Veterans' Benefits Fair in San Antonio which has information about benefits for Texas veterans

  • 2-22-15 Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center

    Frank Rizzo and Elena Terrill of the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center talk about the free mediation service offered by the DRC and what is involved in mediation.

20 items
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