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Panthers’ Olsen: Sunday’s game must go on

More than 70,000 fans are expected in Charlotte this weekend to watch the Carolina Panthers vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

For now, the game will go on as scheduled at 1 p.m. Sunday at Bank of America Stadium.

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The Panthers have tried to keep it business as usual on the field despite the chaos that’s unfolded the past two nights, but safety is never far from their minds.

Panthers’ tight end Greg Olsen said his family normally tailgates on game days, but this week they will likely head right to the stadium, not because he fears for their safety, but just in case.

Olsen said the game must go on. He said sport can heal at a time like this and as silly as it sounds, this game matters.

“Is the game itself as important as the issues at hand? No. But is the game itself a big piece of healing and bringing people together and letting people put their differences aside and just start that process of inclusion and being less divisive? I do,” Olsen said.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said he was a coach with the San Diego Chargers when San Diego was struck by wildfires.

“While the circumstances now are obviously different, playing again was an important step in that community's healing process,” Rivera said. 

Cam Newton on Charlotte unrest: 'I'm a firm believer of justice'

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and head coach Ron Rivera held their weekly press conference Wednesday, but the talk wasn’t about football. 

For about 12 minutes out of a 15-minute press conference availability, Newton didn’t talk about the Minnesota Vikings; instead, he talked about the unrest in Charlotte following a deadly officer-involved shooting.

>> Charlotte police shooting: State of emergency declared during 2nd night of violent protests

Newton spoke passionately about how he feels about his role in the community.

Newton make it clear before he started that he didn’t know all the facts of the shooting or what followed and that he intends on getting all the information before taking a stance.

>> PHOTOS: 2nd night of violent protests after Charlotte police shooting

He added that it’s hard for him to speak out at times because it’s a lose-lose situation. He’s either – in his own words – a traitor or he’s too real.

“If I say something, it's going to be critiqued and if I don't say something, ‘You fake or you’re flawed.’ I'm a firm believer of justice. I'm a firm believer of doing the right thing and I can't repeat it enough of just holding people accountable,” Newton said.

>> Watch the video here

While Newton was speaking, Rivera was listening to what his quarterback had to say. He said Newton is very thoughtful and sincere about his feelings, and he thinks about what he says before he talks.

But Rivera also said it wasn't fair to ask his players their thoughts on what he saw as a political matter, but he did offer his opinions on the violence that broke out Tuesday night.

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“Maybe instead of tearing up your own city, maybe instead of doing things the wrong way, this is a Democratic society and like I said, vote, maybe. That's what we need to do – take a deep breath and do it the right way. I’m not sure if what happened last night was the right way,” Rivera said.

Texas high school spends $60 million on new football stadium, feeds rivalry

Two rival schools in Texas have taken their rivalry to a new level.

Allen High School in Allen, Texas, built a $60 million stadium, complete with a high-definition video screen, a three-tier press box and a capacity of 18,000 seats that nearly matches the Staples Center.

Could a high school football stadium really be any bigger?

Yes. The answer in Texas is always yes. 

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The Los Angeles Times reported that Allen's neighboring school district in McKinney, Texas, plans to outdo the Eagles' stadium with a nearly $63 million facility -- what could be the nation's most expensive high school stadium. It will be outfitted with a 55-foot-wide, high-definition video screen, an artificial grass field, seating for 12,000 and an adjacent 500-seat event center.

"Oh, it's a rivalry," said Adam Blanchet, a junior at one of the three high schools in the McKinney Independent School District that will use the new stadium. "I have pride knowing my district is going to have the most expensive stadium in the country."

The median household income in McKinney is $83,000. School taxes for property owners amount to $1.63 per $100 of assessed valuation, the Times reported.

To read more on how McKinney is funding the stadium and what students have to say about it, click here.

NFL says 'no final decision' on Lady Gaga performing at 2017 Super Bowl halftime show

A new report by Us Weekly magazine said Lady Gaga is the confirmed headliner for Super Bowl LI's halftime show, but the NFL says that's not the case.

This comes after rumors that the pop artist would be performing at the football championship event.

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The 30-year-old singer will perform at NRG Stadium in Houston on Feb. 5.

Gaga appeared at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, where she opened the event by singing the national anthem.

"This is one of the highest honors of my career," she said of the performance. "I get a chance to sing for all the athletes  who have been working so hard their whole lives for this moment -- the coaches, as well as the fans in the stands who are waiting for this moment. I think it marks what being an American is all about."

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Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson and Beyoncé performed during the Super Bowl halftime show this year.

NFL's senior vice president of communications Natalie Ravitz told The Washington Post there has not been a final decision made

"Us Weekly ignored my on the record response," Ravitz tweeted in response to the magazine's report. "We've had conversations (with)  several fantastic artists about SB Halftime Show but no final decision."

"We have had conversations with several fantastic artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show," she said in an email to The Washington Post. "However, at this point we do not have a final decision. We’re happy there is so much excitement about the show."

Gaga's fifth studio album, "Joanne," is set to be released Oct. 21. It will be her first solo album since 2013's "Artpop." The first single from the album, "Perfect Illusion," was released Sept. 9. It was produced by Mark Ronson.

Francis Scott Key descendant slams Colin Kaepernick for national anthem protest

A woman from Longview, Texas, who is a direct descendant of Francis Scott Key — yes, the man who wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” — has slammed Colin Kaepernick for his protest of the national anthem.

Shirley Isham, a verified great-great-great-granddaughter of Key, said “Kaepernick does not do himself any honor” by kneeling through the national anthem and maintains that “it’s a disservice to him.”

“When I hear [the anthem], I’m completely overwhelmed with emotion, because that song, it represents this country and the men and women who died for this country,” she said, according to KLTV. “I watched the Olympics, watched them get up on the podium, put their hands over their heart and the anthem played for them. And I stood up with my hand over my heart and I applauded. That’s how proud I was of them.”

>> Kaepernick responds to slam from ESPN's Trent Dilfer, calls comments 'ridiculous'

She added that Kaepernick's protest "offends me. I know it doesn’t offend a lot of people, [but] it offends me because it’s a personal thing. Because of who wrote it."

Isham elaborated in another interview with USA Today Sports.

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“It just broke my heart to think that someone that gets so much money for playing a ball game, who is half black, half white, would do this,” she said. “So many of his black race are oppressed, but it’s not by the whites, it’s by their own people. Look who their leaders are, and the president. Has [Barack Obama] done anything for these people?”

She continued, "It’s very painful for me. It just blows my mind that somebody like [Kaepernick] would do what he does to dishonor the flag of this country and the national anthem when we have young men and women overseas fighting for this county, people that have died for this country.”

Florida school district: Students must have permission to kneel during national anthem

Orange County school district officials in Florida said students must have parents’ permission to kneel during the national anthem at sporting events, WFTV reported.

The issue has been making national headlines since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee in protest of social injustice.

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Some athletes are starting to follow national players’ lead on the issue, although none did at a football game  Thursday night in Orlando between Evans and Jones high schools.

Several school districts said it has not happened in central Florida, but a southwest Florida school district said students needed written permission to kneel.

Orange County Public Schools officials said it has interpreted state law to treat the national anthem like the Pledge of Allegiance.

District officials said they like the policy on the Pledge of Allegiance, students may kneel if they have permission in the form of a letter from a parent.

“I have to stay neutral, but whatever they do, I’m going to support them. That’s really between that individual and their family,” Jones High School football coach Elijah Williams said.

A school district spokesman said that if any of the students had kneeled, they would not have gotten in trouble.

Orange County Public Schools said its legal team is still reviewing state law.

Florida statute mentions students should stand for the national anthem, but only mentioned students being excused by a written letter for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

NFL to spend $100 million to protect players from concussions

The NFL is launching a new initiative to protect players from concussions.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that the league will devote an additional $100 million to concussion-related ventures as part of its Play Smart Play Safe initiative, on top of the $100 million that it is already spending on research.

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A news release said $60 million will go toward improving helmets for players, and the remaining $40 million will help fund medical research into the effects of head injuries.

Goodell told The Washington Post that the initiative "builds on what we've done the last few years but it takes it to another level in a variety of areas ... It's all about protecting our players."

The announcement came almost a week after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suffered multiple helmet-to-helmet hits against the Denver Broncos.

Only one of those hits was penalized, and many were surprised that Newton didn't undergo concussion testing-procedures during the game.

The NFL has previously donated to medical research. It gave the National Institutes of Health $30 million in unrestricted funding in 2012.

That decision came under fire after a congressional report accused the league of trying to influence how the money was used.

Goodell also promised to hire a full-time chief medical officer by the end of the season.

Lady Gaga 'in talks' to perform at Super Bowl halftime show, report says

Lady Gaga may be on the edge of Super Bowl glory.

>> PHOTOS: Super Bowl 50: The entertainment

According to Billboard, the dance-pop diva is "in talks" to perform at the Super Bowl LI halftime show Feb. 5, 2017, at Houston's NRG Stadium, sources say.  

An NFL representative said of the claims, "We have had conversations with several fantastic artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. However, at this point, we do not have a final decision."

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Lady Gaga sang the national anthem at last year's Super Bowl, which featured halftime performances by Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Read more here.

Man in Tom Brady mask attends Patriots game, earns instant fame

Tom Brady was not on the field in Arizona, but the internet would have you think otherwise.

Someone wearing an extremely realistic-looking Tom Brady mask showed up to tailgate and watch the game.

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The man immediately earned the hash tag #FakeBrady.

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "#FakeBrady goes viral" on Storify]

Radio announcer gives play-by-play of streaker during NFL game

Sometimes the game itself isn't riveting enough, but it is what happens between plays that makes the headlines.

That was the case Monday night when a fan jumped onto the sidelines and ran onto the field during the the 49ers -Rams game.

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It all went down during the fourth quarter and has taken over social media.

This call is without a doubt one of the funniest things I've ever seen/heard.....Posted by DeAngelo Williams on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The 49ers ended up winning the game, beating the Rams 28-0.

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